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Designed primarily to interact through the Internet, it allows you to share information efficiently and securely. It is always updated.


SAENLINEA (System of Support to Educational Entities) is a modular system for academic and curricular administration, designed especially for institutions of basic and secondary education (schools) that integrates both data and processes in a complete solution eliminating barriers of space and time. SAENLINEA fully complies with the necessary characteristics that guarantee its quality, they are: functionality, reliability, usability, efficiency, maintainability and portability; All this allows the integration with future developments economically and of high quality.


Academic Calendar

This module allows the planning and control of institutional activities in the school year and extracurricular activities of the institution. Allowing to consult, through the Internet, to the entire educational community, pertinent information about the activities of the academic calendar.

Curricular Preparation and Planning

Planning, management and control of the contents of the subjects: general and specific objectives; Logos and indicators of evaluation. Feedback of information for the following school years. The information is kept on the Internet for consultation of the educational community.

Enrollment and Academic Registration

It is a module that allows the planning and management of the entire academic enrollment process of the institution and the registration in the official books of the institution.

Student Management

It facilitates the interaction of students, teachers and parents in the processes related to the academic career of the student, from their admission to obtaining the degree. It allows real-time recognition of accomplished achievements and pending achievements.

Virtual Campus

It allows students, teachers and all staff related to the educational institution to communicate and exchange ideas and study materials through tutorials, consultations and newsgroups. The E-learning Moodle tool is used integrated with SAENLINEA.

Pensions and Payments

It is a module that allows the management of the payment and pension process of the institution.

Teacher Management

This module allows, controlling the teaching agenda, the hours of attention and the automatic management of teacher evaluations.

Management of Graduates

This module allows managing all the aspects related to the graduates, so that a permanent link can be maintained with the graduates of the institution.

Academic Statistics

This module manages statistical information of the students, teachers, employees, subjects, classrooms, services and other resources of the institution.

Communication Module

It allows the sending of notices by email to the community of the institution. It is allowed to send notices to the parents, students, graduates, teachers and employees of the institution.

Sending Text Messages (SMS)

This module allows the sending of text messages to the cell phone of parents or caregivers, allowing immediate communication.

Medical Record

Record and tracing of the clinical history of each student.

Customer Service

It allows the educational community to send suggestions, claims, complaints or recognition, so that a thorough follow-up of such observations can be carried out within the institution.

Psychology Module

It allows the handling of visits of the students to the psychological department of the school, recording the reason of the consultation and the diagnosis. It also allows registering a treatment and following up to it.

Nursing Ward

Controls issues related to student health by recording the detail of attendance at the school nursing ward.


It allows the control of the entire transport process of the institution, controlling routes, student assistance, driver control, etc.

Admissions Module

This module allows completing the entire admission process of the institution, allowing parents and caregivers to enroll the students to the school in the degree of interest.

SIABUC Integration

SIABUC is an excellent system for the management of the institution’s library. SAENLINEA integrates perfectly with this solution.


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