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Facilitates the acquisition of the components that are required according to the needs.


The software product has no licensing costs for each user.


The system allows generating a large variety of reports for the curricular academic management.


Designed primarily to interact through the Internet, it allows you to share information efficiently and securely. It is always updated.


SIGA (Integrated Academic Management Software Web) is a modular system for academic and curricular administration, specially designed for higher education institutions that works completely on the Internet, integrating data and processes into a complete solution, removing barriers of space and time. SIGA fully complies with the necessary characteristics that guarantee the quality of the same, which are: functionality, reliability, usability, efficiency, maintainability and portability; All of this allows the integration with future developments of economic way and of high quality.


As SIGA is a product designed to interact through the Internet, it allows sharing information efficiently and securely between dependencies, avoiding the problems of inconsistency caused by the redundancy of information. The interfaces for users are friendly and have uniformity in their presentation inducing them to navigate the system, to self-learning, facilitating them to face the new information technology with encouragement and confidence.


The SIGA system is composed of subsystems that allow the operation of the different academic processes. These subsystems are divided into modules specific to each activity. The organization has the option, according to its needs, to choose the subsystems, facilitating the acquisition of the complete application or modules or subsystems according to their particular needs.


System Configuration and Parameterization

It allows the administration of the System, through the configuration tools.


Facilitates management in all academic-administrative aspects of the Institution, starting with the control in the processes of pre-enrollment, enrollment, selection and admission of applicants to each academic program until the graduation process.

Registration and Academic Control

With this subsystem you can manage the student’s file, manage the degree and register the grades of each of the students in the Institution.

Academic Enrollment

It is possible to do the planning and management of the entire academic enrollment process of the Institution.

Professorial Information Management

It allows control over the capacity and dedication of teachers, both in the planning phase and in the management phase, also allows control over the academic load of their teachers and other activities carried out by their teachers.

Teacher Evaluation

It allows for the detailed evaluation of the institution’s teachers by the students, self-evaluation, evaluation by the teacher’s head and evaluation by a person of the Institution.

Management of Graduates

This subsystem is in charge of the integral management of graduates of the Institution allowing managing all aspects related to them, so that a permanent link can be maintained with them.

Student Management

Facilitates the participation of the whole university community in the processes related to the academic career of the student, from his entrance to the Institution until obtaining the degree.

Academic Programming

Is responsible of the academic planning of the subjects that will be dictated in an academic period, allowing to define which teachers will be in charge of the same, assigning classrooms and schedules for the same.

Financial Enrollment

This subsystem is responsible of the financial management of the Institution’s processes. Financial enrollment, Validations and Approvals, Student Financing: Reception and Payment Control, Connection with Banks, Statement of Account.

Moodle Integration

This subsystem is in charge of managing the integration of SIGA with the E-Learning system Moodle.

Reports and Statistics

The most complete report of all academic financial and administrative activities of the institution.


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